What is .lcphr file? How to remove LooCipher ransomeware

What is .lcphr extention file? .lcphr extention is a file encrypted by LooCipher ransomeware. Here a guide how to remove LooCipher Ransomeware.

  1. Before you do anything. Remember backup all your data first.
    – Shutdown your computer, remove this hard drive and plug in to another computer not infested with LooCipher.
    – Copy all your data to a safe place, a folder to recover later…

    Now you can recover your file encrypted by LooCipher with this guideHow to Recover File Encrypt by ransomware LooCipher

2. After backup all file, you can using antivirus vĂ  anti-malware from other healthy computer to scan this hard drive. (Make sure this computer have strong antivirus and antimalware)

Scan with Antivirus
You can try one of top antivirus below (only pick one, you can only using one only 1 antivirus same time in you windows system)
– Kaspersky Antivirus
– AVG Antivirus
– Avast Antivirus
– Ariva Antivirus
– BitDefender

Scan with anti-malware – you can use 2 or more:
– Malwarebytes anti-malware
– Emsisoft Anti-Malware

3. That is the safeway to remove LooCipher ransomeware of this hard drive. After that – you can plugin you hard drive to old system again – Hope it will work now.

If you can get you data back with this guide: https://copir.net/how-to-recover-file-encrypt-by-ransomware-loocipher/ – just feeling free to re-install you windows system.


4. If you don’t have another healthy computer – you can try to boot Infested computer to SafeMode With Networking mode.

Install Antivirus and Antimalware i mention above – update and scan you system.

Have a nice day….

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